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Why Us


Our Experience

Mariele’s Driving School is one of Sydney’s leading driving schools. Our training styles, methods and techniques guarantee to help you get your license fast and in the minimum amount of time and money, while gaining excellent and the best defensive driving experience available on the road.

Our Delivery

We understand how the driving experience in NSW is complex and how it can be a challenge to new learner drivers and their supervisors, so our fully trained driving instructors can take each lesson at the pace comfortable for the student.

Our Flexibility

Driving is an important part of your life and with affordable and flexible packages at Mariele’s Driving school, why not start today?


A Plan For Everyone

First Time Lesson*

  • Auto from $49
  • Manual from $70

1 Hour Lesson*

  • Auto from $50
  • Manual from $65

2 Hour Lesson*

  • Auto from $99
  • Manual from $129

5 Hours Lesson*

  • Auto from $245
  • Manual from $320

10 Hours Lesson*

  • Auto from $490
  • Manual from $639

Test Preparation*

  • Auto from $60
  • Manual from $70

Safer Drivers Course*

  • Capped at $140 per participant
*All advertised prices are subject to our terms and conditions. These prices will change without any notice and vary in regard to your location.


From Happy Customers

“I would highly recommend this driving school. Very Friendly, Patience,Punctual and he is result oriented. As i had overseas license there were name issues with RTA but he did not give up, he got me full license.
5 STAR from me! and thank you so much!”


“Excellent service, very punctual, on time, trustworthy, reliable and a very friendly and flexible service. I was very pleased and fortunate to be taught by an expert driving instructor. I highly recommend him without any hesitation.
A++++++ very great service.”


“Great service always on time, i would recommend him to anyone who is just starting to drive or is about to go for their p’s.
He has a lot of knowledge about what the testers will test and has a very good work ethic.”

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